The game will start by illuminating a single lens. The player will then touch the lens.

Each time the player inputs a series of lens presses correctly, the player will see the same series of lens presses but with an additional step.

If the player presses a wrong lens, the player is notified of having done so, and that sequence of lens presses is replayed to remind the player of the current pattern.

The current number of steps in the pattern is shown to the player.

The player can restart the game at any time by touching the 'restart' button.

Strict mode is available: the game will provide notification of an incorrect lens press, and then the game will restart.

The game is never 'won' - the player is only challenged to beat their own personal best.


Count: current length of successful response.

Start: start a new game.

Strict: Toggle 'strict mode'. The indicator will illuminate when in 'strict mode'. Note that toggling into or out of strict mode results in a new game being initiated.

On/Off: Turn the game on or off. The game must be turned on to play.

Count Start Strict Off On Simon